Kingston Lodge

Enjoy the classic and luxurious style of amenities and excellent services in Kingston Lodge Hotel. Know more about how you can deepen your experience with us. More »

Kingston Lodge

Enjoy the classic and luxurious style of amenities and excellent services in Kingston Lodge Hotel. Know more about how you can deepen your experience with us. More »

Kingston Lodge

Enjoy the classic and luxurious style of amenities and excellent services in Kingston Lodge Hotel. Know more about how you can deepen your experience with us. More »

Kingston Lodge

Enjoy the classic and luxurious style of amenities and excellent services in Kingston Lodge Hotel. Know more about how you can deepen your experience with us. More »

Kingston Lodge

Enjoy the classic and luxurious style of amenities and excellent services in Kingston Lodge Hotel. Know more about how you can deepen your experience with us. More »


Packing Tips for Your Cagayan De Oro Vacation

It doesn’t get any better than white sand, clear blue water and an umbrella drink in your hand when you are on vacation. There is no place better on earth to spend your free days then on the beach, and no beach better than what you find at Cagayan de Oro. The only thing that could come between you and pure bliss is not having packed the right essentials.

Here’s a short list of all that you may need to bring along when you are getting ready to visit our sunny shores:

At Cagayan de Oro, less really is more, and your suitcases don’t need to be bulging when you get here. Basic clothing requirements should be shorts, tees and flip flops for the guys, with one nice outfit and boat shoes for when you want a night out. Even then, beach casual is always your best bet. Save the button downs and ties for back home, and just bring along a few short sleeve polo shirts to get you by.

For ladies, shorts, light shirts, skirts and breezy dresses are all good picks for your beach side vacation. If you choose all of your outfits in neutral colors, you can get away with just bringing along one pair of sandals and of course your flip flops. Plus of course you don’t want to forget the bathing suit and cover up for your romps in the ocean.


The hotels are completely equipped so you don’t need to concern yourself with bringing towels or even an outfit every day. With a laundry on site, you can send your clothes to be washed in just a few hours. Towels, shampoo, soaps and even toothpaste will all be provided, so keep your toiletry bag light too.

Certain necessities, bearded men will know, like a man’s beard trimmer and his Virtu beard balm by Liberty, should be brought along as these will be very expensive to buy on the island. Hairspray, gels and other styling products should also be included in your toiletry bag for the same reason. Or you could just embrace the Caribbean lifestyle and go au natural for the duration of your visit.

A few other basic packing tips to remember:

Always have at least one days worth of clothes in your carry on just in case your luggage is lost on the way. Also remember to use locks that are approved by the TSA but that use a combination code so that you don’t have to worry about lost keys.

Your beachside vacation packing should be as stress free as your days on the beach are. Think light and smart and you’ll have all that you need without breaking your back getting it there.

Activities Found at the Kingston Lodge Hotel in Cagayan de Oro

Not only is the Kingston Lodge a full amenity luxury resort, you are going to find that they provide you with a full range of activities to keep you busy. These can range from relaxation activities to sports for those who enjoy a bit of adventure with their beach vacation. Once at the lodge be sure and explore all of the fun activities that are available to you:

Swimming – The lodge has its own swimming pool with luxurious patio area if you prefer to stay close to your room. The clean water is the perfect temperature for taking a swim in, while cozy chaise lounges dot the side lines. If you prefer the sand and surf, there is also exclusive beach access, with beach chairs and umbrellas supplied by the resort.

Tennis – The tennis courts here are some of the best in the area. All of the equipment needed is supplied by the lodge, with professionals on hand to offer lessons. Next to the courts is also a private picnic area where you and your opponents can share cool drinks and sandwiches from the lodge’s premier restaurant.

two people playing tennis in a tropical setting

two people playing tennis in a tropical setting

Golf – Kingston Lodge shares access to one of the worlds best known golf courses. Rolling greens, sand traps and a large number of water attractions are all part of the course. The lodge is able to supply you with the equipment you need and a pro if you are interested in taking lessons. Make sure you plan on lunch in the clubhouse, which has an incredible menu full of local specialties.

Archery – A new addition to the area is an archery range, set up for one on one instruction or for large tournament events. Trained instructors will help teach you how to properly hold and aim a recurve bow and shoot the arrows to the many targets. Here the recurve bow and arrows are supplied by the facility rather than by the lodge.

Hiking and Rock Climbing – Professional guides are on hand to take you on tours of the various parts of the island where you will get to see the interesting plant and animal life that is unique to the area in abundance. There are hidden coves to explore with cascading waterfalls, bluffs to climb with incredible views of the island and the ocean and small rivers to cross. You will need to wear proper hiking attire for this adventure, which the lodge will be happy to outfit you with.

Staying at Cagayan De Oro is more than a vacation, it is an adventure. Book your stay at the Kingston Lodge and get ready for an experience like no other.

Camping on the Beach in Cagayan de Oro

When you arrive in Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines, you are going to find a number of lodging options. These include large 5 star resorts, and smaller motels close to the beach. But if you really want an experience that you will never forget, you should try camping out in the sandy beaches.

Camping on the beach is a relaxing and comfortable place to sleep. You are lulled to sleep by the sound of the oceans, and awakened by waves breaking on the sand. In order to completely enjoy the experience you are going to need some special gear, which you can find at places like

Find the Right Beach to Camp on

Not all of the beaches in Cayagan de Oro are receptive to campers, so you will have to first check with local authorities. The ones that do allow visitors to stay past sunset and overnight will likely also have rules and regulations regarding where you can pitch a family tent, and if bonfires are allowed.

Sleeping in a Tent on the Beach

If the beach is isolated sleeping inside of a tent is your best option. You are less likely to be disturbed and you will be better protected from the elements. Set up far away from the ocean to avoid the rising tide. Since the wind blows out to sea at night time set up your family sized tent behind the sand dunes to stay protected from those cold winds. Check review sites online to find family sized tents that meet your size needs and budget.

beachcampingSleeping on the Beach Without a Tent

For some, sleeping under the stars and directly on top of the sand is the better option as you are hidden from view from anyone else who happens onto the beach. You could even dig down into the sand a little bit for protection, and set up a sleeping bag inside.

Make Yourself Warm and Comfortable

Although hot by day, the beach is one of the coldest places at night due to the winds. Layered clothing is best with an outer layer that is wind resistant. Also put on a warm hat and snuggle down into a sleeping bag that is halfway buried in the sand if you get too cold.

How to Stay Safe When Camping on the Beach

There is always a chance of robbery when sleeping on the beach, although this is not common on the beaches of Cagayan de Oro. Try to be as inconspicuous as possible when the sun does go down, and make sure that you have your cell phone charged and the number for the local authorities.

Sleeping on the beach is quiet, with only the sounds of nature to lull you. If you are up for the challenge, this is definitely an adventure worth trying.

Best Beaches in Cagayan de Oro

Philippines is known for its beautiful resources that attract many tourists every year. Enjoy the lovely accommodation of the area and wander in the most adventurous escapades you could ever imagine. Specifically in Cagayan de Oro, the beach has pristine waters that make you want to stare at a calming peace of beauty. Surely, you can find white sands and tantalizing beach waves in just about every area. Here are some of the best beaches in Cagayan de Oro that will surely tempt you to book a travel flight and enjoy days of relaxation and warmth.

Chali Beach Resort and Conference Center

The most popular destination in Cagayan de Oro, Chali Beach Resort offers more than just an excellent service, they have a good eye for customer needs and amenities, too. Guests here enjoy their wide array of stay-in accommodations at an affordable price. You may take a virtual tour of their room and reserve it online. With the warm weather of tropical climate in the country, Chali Beach Resort has become a well-known escapades and getaways by the locals and foreigners. They also have a modern and classy finish which draws complete customer satisfaction, along with their resort facilities that are upgraded to ensure excellence.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort

This resort faces the Macajalar Bay, so you will surely get that sunrise or sunset view that you wish to experience. This resort is mainly ideal for beach outings given the amenities, which will suit your needs for any adventures you may proceed into. Many enjoy the idea of dipping in their pools and having relaxation and enjoyment at the same time. This place is commended for its satisfactory services and well-maintained facilities that wind up to good customer feedbacks. Their security is tight so you can be sure not to be bothered by any other distractions.

Marvilla Beach Resort

If you’re ready to take some time off and embrace the beauty of the nature surrounding this beach resort, then you’re in for some really good treat. Marvilla Beach Resort offers foreigners and locals alike into a splendid revitalizing experience. Watch the bouncing of the waves as you sip in your lemon juice or enjoy a day out with your family. There are assorted things you can do so you will truly enjoy your time here.

White Beach

Named from its sands which are most commonly found in Philippine shores, White Beach Resort has currently made it as one of the best attractions in Cagayan de Oro. The vicinity is complete with resort facilities nearby and an astonishing view of the lush trees and crystal clear waters. Many guests have come to commend its natural beauty that astounds your experience in the entire area. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this beach almost has the tranquility that you need.

These are only some of the most frequented beach resorts in Cagayan de Oro, but there are plenty of hidden gems and high-class lodges there still waiting to be uncovered.

Kingston Lodge Hotel in Cagayan de Oro (Review)

Nestled in the island of Mindanao in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, Kingston Lodge Hotel has been attracting tourists lately for its luxurious amenities that sparked the interest of both foreigners and locals alike. Vacation is made even more tantalizing and worthwhile in the finest lodge to exist on the outskirts of this city. Be dazzled by their high-quality accommodations that rest in the shopping district of Cagayan de Oro, popularly chosen by travelers seeking for leisure and relaxation.

Amenities and Features

Experience fine dining with their exclusive restaurant that offers Filipino, Western, and Australian cuisines, or maybe have the option to dine in the Nipa Hut, in the restaurant, or in your room. They also have a wide selection or drinks and beverages on their bar located at the lounge area. There is a live band every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, so expect to be accompanied with music on most nights. Take advantage of their various amenities like a function area, outdoor pool, kiddy pool, garden, pool table, darts, and a free car park. They have SUV renting services, or motorcycle renting if you need to explore the city. They also offer laundering, organizing of special events by different packages, and planning for your next travel destination.


There are 14 European-styled rooms where tourists and locals stay for a minimum of one day. The interior is stylishly furnished and well-maintained. Room facilities include a premium cable TV, coffee maker, shower, a kitchenette, a refrigerator, a WiFi connection, and a desk. Five of its rooms are separated to a quieter surrounding while the rest are gathered around in the pool area.

Room Rates

Standard Room – Php 1,481.56 or 33 USD

Poolside Room – Php 1,580.33 or 35 USD


According to, Kingston Lodge Hotel ranks among one of the best hotels in Cagayan de Oro. Many customers enjoyed their service and fully appreciate their amenities.

“We were shown to our rooms, which were near the lovely outdoor swimming pool. The rooms were modern, well equipped and very comfortable. The full English breakfast the next morning was superb. We were attending a conference, so we stayed for bed and breakfast for two nights. Service was excellent and staff very friendly and helpful.” – Simon D.

“Prices are more than fair and the Saturday night BBQ is not to be missed. The rooms are value-priced and clean. The staff is what really makes this hotel a standout. The waitstaff has been trained to a high level and discretely watch at all times to assist you if needed.” – Jonathan P.

“Thursday through Saturday evenings much entertainment activity which is great – sure a bit noisy, but worth joining in. The BBQ night is truly cool.” – Martin S.

Overall Verdict

This hotel is customer-friendly that it caters to all kinds of customer needs. Shopping district is not too far away and there are a lot of famous beaches nearby. The price is just right and the entire service they offer is excellent.